SWREC and NMPED Dossier Preparation and Coaching

NMPED and SWREC are working together to assist teachers as they prepare their dossiers. Please reach out to us to gain new ideas on how to gather evidence, artifacts, student data, and documentation, whether you are teaching in a regular, hybrid, or virtual environment. A dossier coach can give you up-to-date expectations and coaching assistance to guide you as you go through the dossier process.

Dossier Coaches

Dossier coaches are available throughout the state to virtually provide coaching sessions and any help you may need with submitting a dossier the first time or resubmitting a failed strand. Please reach out to a coach for assistance.

Dossier Submission Period

  • July 15 to October 15
  • March 15 to May 15
  • June 1 is the deadline for resubmissions only. We will close the portal from June 1 to July 15. If you submit after October 15, we will read your dossier; however, when we pass it, it will have the date of next July.