SWREC Academic Competition 2023–2024

What an exciting season it has been for our Academic Challenge! We are now planning the state competition and are looking forward to watching each REC's top two teams compete for the title of RECA state academic champions!

The competition will be on March 4 and 5 in Albuquerque at the Embassy Suites.

For those who are making their plans to attend, review the state competition manual.

Have a question that you can't find an answer to? Try the Academic Challenge FAQs below. If you would like to submit a question not addressed with this FAQ, please add it to our question parking lot form, and we will respond with an answer as quickly as possible!

Academic Challenge FAQs

What do we do if the internet goes down during a virtual competition?
Can a sponsor/coach bring additional people to the state competition who are not competing?
If our team is finished competing, do we have to stay through the finals and awards ceremony?
Can we bring our own team shirts to wear during the competition?
How many people can we bring for our team?
Will accessibility accommodations be provided?
Are parents/spectators allowed to attend the competition?

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SWREC Academic Competition 2022–2023

The Academic Competition was established by REC9 to promote academic excellence. For the first time, the Academic Competition was a statewide event, opening the opportunity to include all districts in New Mexico through each of the ten state RECs!

SWREC held practice sessions during the fall semester. District play began for SWREC Region 10 in February through April where points counted towards qualifying for state competition.

The State Competition was held April 25 in Albuquerque. SWREC covered travel, meals, and hotel costs for the two winning varsity teams from our region, Arrowhead Park Early College High School, and Deming High School!

Hobbs High School was crowned our first Academic Competition winner, with Dexter High School coming in second! It was a great experience for all, and we hope every school returns for the 2023–2024 season and tells other schools to join in as well!

Although only varsity teams can qualify for the state competition, our Academic Competition is open to sixth through eighth grades for the middle school competitions and ninth through twelfth grade for high school competitions at junior varsity and varsity levels. Non-state levels still received regional awards from SWREC!

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SWREC vs REC9 Spring 2022 Competition

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