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New Mexico Grow Project Grant

This is a great opportunity for teachers to get an indoor/outdoor science lab! The New Mexico Grow Project Grant offers teachers an indoor/outdoor science lab! What if your class used NM grow project materials to compare/contrast various growing methods? For example, your class could grow plants in the classroom hydroponic system and then compare growing the same variety of plants in the outdoor science lab (raised bed). Would this impact the taste of the food harvested? How would your class measure data? Which method would provide more food? What would be the differences in the growing time and amount of water used for each method? How does pollination take place for each method? The learning, questions, and exploration offer endless opportunities. Let us help you see the possibilities and even set up and use supplies!

The goal of the NM Grow Project is to get students engaged in how our food grows and introduce them to working through real-world problems. This type of learning would assure that our food system is secure well into the future! The deadline to apply is June 1, 2020, and the online application is quick and easy! For more information, please visit the NM Grow Project website.