Business Services

Southwest Regional Education Cooperative recognizes that its primary function is to assist member districts in providing the best education possible within the limits of the established programs and financial ability of the district and the SWREC. As a trustee of funds allocated for the use of local public education, SWREC recognizes its deep responsibility for the efficient use of those funds. We desire to:

  • encourage advance planning through sound budgeting practices;
  • explore practical and legal sources of income;
  • guide the expenditures of funds in order to achieve acceptable education returns; and
  • require efficiency in accounting and reporting procedures.

Fiscal Management

Southwest REC provides fiscal agency and business management services for our member districts. As a fiscal agent, we are responsible for the grant monies that come into your district, for their proper accounting and management, and for the disbursement of federal funds used in operational expenses for programs like special education and technology upgrades. We must:

  • maintain records of disbursements;
  • keep receipts for three years;
  • make financial records available to the NEA; and
  • disburse funds in accordance with the purpose of the grant only to the grantee.


To help you provide resources to your schools, we have developed contracts with various business agencies that allow us, as members of the southwest region of New Mexico public schools, to consolidate our buying power. This enables us to receive much less expensive pricing and avoid the time trap of finding bids. Take advantage of these great opportunities; just let the companies know you are part of the SWREC contract.

Medicaid Billing

The Southwest REC provides data entry and processing of Medicaid billing for Region 10 (Animas, Cobre, Deming, Hatch Valley, Lordsburg, Reserve, Silver, and Truth or Consequences). This service encompasses direct service logs and administrative time studies.

Requests for Proposals and Bids

Occasionally, SWREC or our member districts require bids for routine and special maintenance, purchases, and/or installation projects. If you are a current or prospective vendor, feel free to review any open proposals or bids and follow the document's instructions if you are interested in submitting a proposal.