District Resources & Events

SWREC strives to provide support for member districts to meet the needs of continuing professional development. A mark of highly qualified teachers is the commitment to hone their craft and their willingness to learn new ways of teaching to meet the needs of their diverse students. However, we understand how difficult it can be for administrators to feed the constant demand for good quality, targeted, effective professional development. That’s where we come in!

Summer Conferences

SWREC loves summer because it means planning education conferences with NMPED bureaus for New Mexico educators! June 6 through June 8 was a special invitation-only event, Literacy Summer Convening, with a half-day session and professional development for LETRS facilitators and SRCL/CLSD sub-grantees. It was very informative and a great learning opportunity for all participants.

We have our next big annual conference by NMPED coming at the end of this month, Inspire '22. See some highlights from the Literacy Summer Convening conference, and we will update once Inspire '22 happens.