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Current Job Postings

  • Call for Peer Reviewers
    SWREC, on behalf of NM PED, is seeking peer reviewers from various professions and backgrounds, with preference given to those with experience in charter schools, including but not limited to:
    • Team lead (experience with charter school authorizing or high-level education policy preferred)
    • Team member
    • Licensed New Mexico business official
    Peer reviewers will independently read, score, and provide timely, well written comments, supported by the application submission, the rubric, and relevant laws and regulations. Reviewers must be available to meet virtually to discuss their scoring and comments for the eligible new charter school applications submitted to the New Mexico Public Education Commission via Options for Parents and Families - Charter Schools Division. Peer reviewers must also be available to conduct interviews of the applicant team (virtually with video capability) to determine the team’s capacity to implement the charter school proposed in the application package. For a complete job description and link to apply, please see the Call for Peer Reviewers.
  • Quality Management Team Consultant
    • 230 Day Contract 2023–2024 SY
    • Up to $80,000
    • Virtual work
    Educational requirements: Bachelor's degree in education, public administration, or business administration and five years (5) experience as a teacher and/or program administrator preferred. This position will provide high-level data analysis and technical assistance for Programs throughout the State of New Mexico. This position will also provide technical assistance, support, and monitoring of the HB2 OST (out-of-school time) Program.
    This position utilizes advanced program analysis to assist management with oversight, planning, and consultation. Collaborate with the Agency’s HB2 OST Program State Director and the Quality Management Consultant (QMC) Team Lead, for the delivery of the scope of work. Participate in the implementation of an efficient and effective system for monitoring HB2 OST Program subgrantee Program compliance at individual learning centers, including monitoring assigned subgrantee deliverables and providing Agency-approved documentation Provide technical assistance to HB2 OST Program funded partner sites. Support the development of implementation of HB2 OST Program identified capacity events.
    Please see the Quality Management Team Consultant job description and apply for the Quality Management Team Consultant position online.
    • Micro-Credential Facilitator
      The micro-credential facilitator position supports level I (new career) educators as they work toward their level II license.
      The micro-credential facilitator will:
      • Guide educator growth and development as professionals.
      • Have a deep understanding of the content within the micro-credential to which they are assigned.
      • Provide timely feedback and support to teachers as they work through assignments, discussion boards, surveys, reflections, etc.
      • Monitor teachers progress to ensure they finish the micro-credential within six to 12 weeks.
      • Regularly communicate with teachers.
      • Score the culminating mastery component after successful completion of the courses within a micro credential.
      For more details on the ideal candidate for this position, please see the Micro-Credential Facilitator job description.
      Please apply for the Micro-Credential Facilitator job online.
    Equal Opportunity Employer

      SWREC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, marital status, or handicap/disability in employment practices or the provision of services.