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Current Job Postings

  • Digital Learning Coach
    The digital learning coach is responsible for planning, organizing, and providing site-based or virtual training and leadership in the area of technology integration in schools and classrooms across the region. The digital learning coach will work to further student, teacher, and administrator use and understand of integrating technology tools, and strategies to enhance student learning and increase student engagement.
    Minimum 7.5 hours daily
    Contract Days: Dependent upon start date through June 30, 2023
    Salary: Per IGA Funding, range starting at $31,234 to $33,488 with benefits depending on experience and start date
    Location: Deming office
    For full job description, please see the Digital Learning Coach job description.
    Please apply for the Digital Learning Coach online.

  • Micro-Credential Facilitator
    The micro-credential facilitator position supports level I (new career) educators as they work toward their level II license.
    The micro-credential facilitator will:
    • Guide educator growth and development as professionals.
    • Have a deep understanding of the content within the micro-credential to which they are assigned.
    • Provide timely feedback and support to teachers as they work through assignments, discussion boards, surveys, reflections, etc.
    • Monitor teachers progress to ensure they finish the micro-credential within six to 12 weeks.
    • Regularly communicate with teachers.
    • Score the culminating mastery component after successful completion of the courses within a micro credential.
    For more details on the ideal candidate for this position, please see the micro-credential facilitator job description.
    Please apply for the micro-credential facilitator job online.

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