State Resources

To provide public schools with the necessary funds for operational expenses and curriculum development, federal and state governments provide support. We are your liaison for assuming those funds and communicating with the New Mexico Department of Education.

State & Federal Programs

The people of the United States support a free public education for every student regardless of income, ability, location, or ethnicity through taxes to the federal government. The US government uses a trickle down principle: Federal funds are dispersed to state governments which then add property tax revenues to those funds and disperse them to the appropriate districts. Monies are dispersed on a per pupil basis unless additional funds are accessed through special programs and grants.

Taxes not only cover basic operational expenses, but they also provide for programs and grant funding that give every child equal access to education, healthcare, and technology.

E-Rate Funding

The E-rate program, administered by the Schools and Libraries Division of the USAC, was set up in 1997 when the FCC implemented a program designed to ensure that all schools and libraries across the US are connected to information and resources through the Internet. Funds are set aside annually to provide discounts to schools for Internet access, telecommunication services, and related equipment. Southwest REC supports public schools and libraries within our member districts (including charter schools) to secure E-rate funding and approved technology providers.

Federal Funding Through the Consolidated Application

The federal government sets aside funds for several public school initiatives including safety, health, drug/alcohol prevention, and technology. Many of these grants are available to schools that fall within certain demographic categories. To streamline the processes of applying for funds, the federal Consolidated Application was developed. SWREC facilitates member districts' program applications for these funds. For more information about this service, feel free to contact our office.

Help for the Effective Teacher

The SWREC provides training and mentorship for teachers that is tailored to meet the needs of beginning professionals and continuing education while complying with state requirements licensure. 

Teacher mentoring activities include:

  • classroom observation;
  • one-on-one assistance; and
  • other district-requested activities.