Tech Bytes in space

Tech Bytes

SWREC Region 10 Tech Bytes

Bi-monthly Tech Bytes

Bi-monthly Tech Bytes Sessions consist of one-hour morning and afternoon sessions supporting teachers with upcoming new technologies to enhance student engagement in the classroom. Certificates issued for your participation upon request.

Tech Bytes Lunch ‘n’ Learn Mini-Series

Lunch and Learn mini-series

Bi-monthly Lunch ‘n’ Learn Mini Series! Join us every other week for a quick, up to 30 minute session, covering all you will need to know about Microsoft 365 features and other technology resources to help you succeed! We have designed the sessions to support educators providing a quick and easy time to collaborate and work together!

Simply Technology Together

Tech Bytes and Bits

Collaborating with Region IX, you have access to more technology sessions to learn from!

Region IX offers the same format of bi-monthly sessions and mini-series with an emphasis on Google Suites, as well as other technology resources! Join SWREC on Tuesdays for Tech Bytes and Region IX on Wednesdays for Tech Bits!

Now with the New Mexico Statewide Tech Initiative, there are even more opportunities for technology Tech Bits sessions from each of the RECs around the state! See the full Tech Bytes & Bits 2022–2023 schedule for all of the free professional development opportunities you can take advantage of. Watch and participate live, or catch the recorded sessions for your convenience!

Join us for weekly 30 minutes, and bi-monthly hour