State Programs of Southwest REC

In order to provide public schools with the necessary funds for operational expenses and curriculum development, the US government uses a trickle down principle. Federal funds are dispersed to state governments who then add property tax revenues to those funds and disperse them to the appropriate districts. Monies are dispersed on a per pupil basis unless additional funds are accessed through special programs and grants. We are your liaison for assuming those funds and keeping in communication with the New Mexico Department of Education. Take a look at the different programs we are currently utilizing from the state.

Licensure and the Effective Teacher

The SWREC provides training and mentorship for teachers that is tailored to meet the needs of beginning professionals and continuing education while complying with state requirements for our three-tier licensure program. 

Teacher mentoring activities include:

  • Training in our three-tier licensure system and dossier preparation
  • State required monthly training for beginning teachers
  • Classroom observation
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Other district requested activities


IDEAL-NM is a state funded initiative that provides e-Learning services to elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools. This initiative is the first of its kind—a statewide access point for students and teachers seeking professional development and continuing educations hours. It also helps provide workforce education opportunities for government agency employees. The funds provided through IDEAL-NM reduce the geographic barriers and/or capacity restrictions rural districts face when providing educational opportunities. It also increases the digital literacy skills of students. Southwest REC manages this program's fiscal services for our member districts and provides training in its use. For more information, see the state program resources on this page or contact Geralyn Bennett.


Web-EPSS is a web-based tool designed to streamline program monitoring. This resource tracks and evaluates the application and success of school improvement plans. At SWREC we are experts who can provide training and technical assistance to member districts in using this web application and meeting its requirements.